We know that sometimes paying a trip is not something we can do in a single payment, so since today we offer payments in installments regardless of the payment method you choose.

To do so, you must talk to someone from our reservation team who will ask you for some information about you.


The minimum payment to secure your reservation depends on the destination of your trip given that there are things we must ensure for the completion of your trip, for example, if you want to make a trip to Machu Picchu we must secure your tickets, which is what It runs out more quickly.

The entire cost of your trip must be paid with at least 72 hrs. of anticipation at the beginning of it (this to avoid misunderstandings 🙄). Otherwise we will proceed to cancel your reservation and return your money.

In case of not being able to do your trip, you just have to notify us and we will make the return of your money, subject to the cancellation policies of your itinerary (to know this, review the cancellation policies of the tours that your itinerary contains).

Also, in case of requesting the return of your money, the amount that will be returned will depend on two things; the cancellation policies of the activities you reserved (for example, if you cancel your visit to Machu Picchu we can only return 50% of the total price, because this will be used for the purchase of tickets to the citadel, this can also be found in the policies of cancellation of the activities of your itinerary), and the expenses incurred by us to make your payments (commission of payment gateways and others).

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